Gluten Free Pizza for an International Market

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glutenfreie Pizza international

Since September 2015, Borgo Valsugana, a small town in Trentino, Italy, has developed a reputation for its highest quality pizza. This is where Dr. Schär operates the Dr. Schär Pizza Centre for Gluten Free frozen pizza for the international market.

Whether Pizza Margherita, Prosciutto & Mushroom or Salami - the classics of the Italian pizza tradition leave the production line crispy and ready for packing. In the summer of 2018, it's time for a new recipe and a Dr. Schär R & D team is on its way to the factory. Pizza Margherita and Pizza Ham & Mushroom are produced especially for export to Germany, Austria, Spain, Eastern Europe and Switzerland using new dough recipes and smaller diameters.  

Buon appetito!