From field to fork: Our commitment to sustainability of plant-based raw materials

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Ever since Dr. Schär was founded, we strive for best quality ingredients in our products. Therefore, we have always paid special attention to the raw materials we use. Firstly, because the health of consumers is our top priority, and secondly because – being based in the heart of the Italian Alps – nature very important to us. For the gluten-free Schär products, we only use naturally gluten-free grains such as corn and rice, as well as millet, buckwheat, oats, sorghum and quinoa. The combination of the different raw materials gives our products their unique taste, free from artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

Our aim: Close cooperation in cultivation, processing and research for the best and most sustainable raw materials

For plant-based raw materials, we rely on long-time cooperations with local farmers and millers, with whom we work hand in hand to improve our products. It all starts with the controlled cultivation of the grains: In this respect, we only consider regions in which plants traditionally thrive in a natural way without the need for extensive human intervention. We focus on modern research, high-tech agronomy and ongoing knowledge exchange between the farmers and our researchers to improve the water balance, soil requirements and the reduction of fertilizers. The development of new processing technologies not only achieves better yields, but also protects the environment. Our cultivation areas are located in Europe, mostly in Italy. To reduce meteorological risks, we have built up a network of selected farmers and millers in Spain, Austria and Poland. Wherever possible, cultivation is close to the mills and production area to mitigate the impact of transport on the environment.

Sustainable and certified products also play a decisive role for us when it comes to further raw materials. Since 2016, we only use certified palm oil and offer a variety of palm oil free solutions, such as blends of other vegetable oils. In addition, we contribute to making cocoa farming more sustainable and improving working conditions in the industry. We achieved UTZ certification in 2020.

In recent years, we have already taken the first steps towards a more sustainable future: We have modernized our production chains, invested in new structures and are working intensively on diverse projects. This is something we are proud of, even though we know that long-term commitment, encouragement and dedication still lie ahead. Farmers, researchers, consumers and Dr. Schär are partners on a joint path towards increased sustainability, improved well-being of people with special nutritional needs and a better quality of life.