MCT products based on medium-chain fatty acids

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  2. MCT products based on medium-chain fatty acids
Keto Familie Kochen

With its product range, the Kanso brand specialises in products containing medium-chain fatty acids fats (MCT fats). As an alternative to conventional fats with long-chain fatty acids (LCT fats), MCT fats offer numerous advantages in certain clinical pictures.

Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is an imitation of fasting, in which the body obtains its energy mainly from the metabolism of fat, the so-called ketone bodies. The aim of the diet is to reach the state of ketosis.

This state is achieved by eating a very high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet with sufficient protein and energy content.

The ketogenic diet offers patients with a form of epilepsy that cannot be treated with medication, the opportunity to reduce their seizures and improve their quality of life.

  • Our solution

    MCT fats support the ketogenic diet because they have a higher ketogenic effect than conventional LCT fats. This means that more ketone bodies can be produced by the same amount of fat. This allows more carbohydrates and proteins to be incorporated into the diet, which has a positive effect on the diet.

Fat utilisation disorders and malassimilation syndrome

Those affected by fat utilisation disorders or malassimilation syndrome cannot digest or use conventional LCT fats. These include diseases of the bile ducts, liver, pancreas and cystic fibrosis.

The composition of MCT fats leads to a much more uncomplicated digestion compared to LCT fats.

  • Our solution

    MCT fats already have a long tradition in the treatment of fat utilisation disorders and the malassimilation syndrome. Because patients are severely restricted by conventional LCT fats diets, MCT fats represent a useful alternative source of energy.

Oxidation disorders in the breakdown of long-chain fatty acids

What the disorders of fatty acid oxidation have in common is that the fatty acids from food or from endogenous lipolysis cannot be used, or cannot be fully used for energy production due to an enzyme defect. Instead, they accumulate in the body and have potentially harmful effects.

  • Our solution

    Patients with oxidation disorders in the breakdown of long-chain fatty acids must greatly reduce LCT fats in their daily diet.

    The body uses different enzymes to break down MCT fats than for LCT fats. Thus, the enzyme defect can be avoided and MCT fats represent a usable energy carrier.

Our Kanso range

The Kanso range offers a high quality source of MCT fats with advantages in its fat profile, taste and convenience.

In addition to our modular MCT products such as our oils, margarine, MCTfiber and KetVit, we offer tasty, fully balanced products such as KetoEpi, KetoBiota and Lipano. Delicious Kanso foods complete our portfolio.