An expert partner for a Gluten Free life

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  2. An expert partner for a Gluten Free life
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We are the market leader in Gluten Free nutrition and use our know-how to develop new, groundbreaking nutrition solutions.

Coeliac disease

is an autoimmune disease that is triggered by gluten. Those affected should avoid foods that contain gluten, such as wheat, barley and rye. Those affected by gluten wheat sensitivity have symptoms similar to celiac disease after eating gluten-containing foods. Gluten Free diets can help to alleviate the symptoms. A Gluten Free diet, according to a recent study, even relieves the symptoms in almost a third of patients with  irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

  • Our solution

    Even the slightest amount of gluten can cause damage and inflammatory reactions in the intestines of people with coeliac disease — Gluten Free foods are, therefore, a matter of trust. In addition to absolute product safety, Schär offers variety with the widest range of products on the market, from breakfast to dinner. Schär Gluten Free products are now also comparable to conventional foods when it comes to their taste. With the help of a team of nutritionists, special attention is paid to a balanced nutritional profile, a high fibre content and excellent taste. A high degree of innovation and recognized expertise have made Schär the European market leader for Gluten Free foods and the strongest brand in our corporate group.

Our range

Over 200 products, including bread, pasta, pizza, prepared meals, sweet and savoury baked goods, flour and baking mixes.