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"In a way, I consume the cereals I produce. Being part of this chain, as a producer and as a consumer, gives me a great sense of pride and knowing that with my work I help those who, like me, need specific products, is incredible satisfying. I feel like silently entering their lives to help them".

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Interview with Alberto, in the field – a Dr. Schär cultivator and consumer


  1. Your connection with Dr. Schär and Flavis - which came first – cultivator or consumer? My relationship with the company as a consumer came just a few months before the professional one.  After being diagnosed with a kidney disorder, I consequently had to change my diet to one low in protein. I have friends in the farming industry who had worked with Dr. Schär, and knowing their efforts and the quality of the raw material they produced, I thought to myself, “why not try the Flavis products?”  The confidence it gives you to monitor processes and quality standards first hand, helps you deal with the tension of the changes you are experiencing in your own daily life. Not long afterwards, I also joined the Dr. Schär chain as a cultivator.  You could say that since then, I consume what I produce!
  2. What effect does it have knowing that your cereals are in our products, which you yourself and many other people around the world consume for wellbeing? Contributing to the creation of products which many people benefit from, is extremely satisfying and at the same time, a big responsibility. You somehow enter into those people's lives, even if they don't know it. You feel like you’re helping them, from behind the scenes. The fact that my own personal experience is intertwined with my profession, reinforces this feeling even more, because you often think back to how it was before - the lack of information in order to understand more and finally, the encounter with the right products which are good for you and don’t force you to give up your normal habits.
  3. In short, you personally experience the world of Dr. Schär and Flavis every day.We are extremely fortunate. These days, there are companies which make your life easier. Their products allow you to maintain the routine you love. Being part of this virtuous mechanism excites me and pushes me to give the very best in my work, every day.