First of all, we have to make a good match

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Dr. Schär Mitarbeiter beim Essen

What exactly is it that makes working at Dr. Schär so special? It's the combination of what we do as a company and what every single employee contributes on a daily basis. For this reason, it is crucial to find the right people.

Dr. Schär has become family to me not only through it’s products, but also through values, feelings and emotions.

Sandra Aragón, Rezeption, Alagón, Spain

Dr. Schär is a family business with strong roots and healthy growth. We are down-to-earth and open-minded at the same time. This is not a contradiction, but the dynamic that drives us every day.

We are an international team of creators. More than 1,400 employees in eleven countries are constantly seeking solutions that improve the lives of people with special nutritional needs. The tasks are as varied as the people who work for us.

If you want to achieve something and take responsibility for it, or strive for innovation and take initiative, then we sound like a good match. A lot of space for creativity and a familiar corporate culture create the right environment.

We embody our corporate values and bring responsibility, progress and proximity into our work, day after day. We are Dr. Schär. And you?

If you are similarly minded, we look forward to welcoming you to our team very soon.

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