Encourage diversity and inclusion

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  2. Encourage diversity and inclusion

At Dr. Schär, diversity and inclusion are key-drivers. This is so true, because for the last 100 years, we have been aiming to bring everyone to the same table no matter their nutritional needs and tastes.

This inspiring principle guides us not only in our relationship with consumers, but with all our stakeholders and the communities around us. But what makes our business truly sustainable for the future is, first and foremost, our employees. As a result, we are committed to supporting diversity and inclusion as a key factor and hiring principle, to foster potential and innovation and to attract talents. Dr. Schär enhances the abilities and competencies of each individual by promoting their empowerment. We want our employees to feel part of our community and business project, and to support this, we plan several initiatives also aiming to help Dr. Schär people tackling the challenges we’re all experiencing in a changing world.


  • We believe in promoting work-life balance to accommodate the needs of our associates. As a result, it is possible to work flexible hours or from home. Our headquarters and many of our sites offer day care facilities for young children. We organise and encourage physical activities like yoga and sport practice.

  • To support professional and personal development, our in-house Dr. Schär Academy provides customised training programmes in an optimal learning environment. Through these and other offerings, our employees can further their skills, as well as strengthen their competences, like  leadership and emotional intelligence. In addition to that, a new wave of cultural and minority sensitivity trainings has been recently inaugurated, to help our colleagues tackle changes and consider diversity as a key factor for growth.

  • Our Intercompany Exchange program, taking place over a specific or non-specific time frame in any one of our global sites, opens up new opportunities and prospects.

  • Nutrition is at the heart of everything we do, so it is important that everyone throughout the company is knowledgeable in this area. We organize initiatives and events and invite specialists to give presentations on topics that are of relevance and interest to us.