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Dr. Schär Brote Qualitätssicherheit

The safety of our products has absolute priority. A global team guarantees quality assurance down to the smallest detail.

The core competence of Dr. Schär is producing innovative, delicious products of the highest quality. Our target groups have special dietary requirements and the effort to produce our products is not comparable to the production of conventional foods.

The first premise is food safety.

A global team of over 40 employees ensures that the quality and safety of the raw materials through to the finished packaged products meet the highest standards at all our production sites. Our team of quality assurance does not miss even the slightest detail, using an advanced system for monitoring the entire value-added chain and the production process, as well as regular audits of our suppliers. Not a single step in the manufacturing process remains unchecked. Our production sites are certified according to the food safety standard BRC.

Allergen management is also particularly important. All raw materials for our Gluten Free product range are naturally Gluten Free and well below the required 20 ppm gluten content. Our quality assurance also controls this using the VITAL concept (Voluntary, Incidental, Trace Allergen Labeling).

Qualitätssicherheit Mitarbeiter im Labor
Quality Assurance Dr. Schär