Master Baker Schär now comes in an innovative and sustainable packaging

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Master Baker Schär now comes in an innovative and sustainable packaging


We are seeding a better world, one pack at a time. Packaging plays a fundamental role in our path to a greener, more sustainable world. Which is why we’re trying to reduce our use of plastic. 

In the food industry, plastic has proven to be a very effective packaging material as it guarantees the freshness, conservation, and safety of food, especially when it comes to specific products like gluten-free items. However, we are well aware that plastic causes significant damage to the environment and, when disposed of improperly, it can have an even greater negative impact. Balancing the sustainability, safety and proper conservation of our products is a challenge that we have embraced, to make all packaging for the 200+ different products sold globally under the Schär brand recycled, recyclable and compostable, without compromising our quality standards.

We are working towards this goal through two parallel tracks: continuing to guarantee consumers safe, preservative-free, and gluten-free products, and optimising the use of plastic, using less of it, and replacing it with paper when opportune and possible. Our approach to sustainable packaging and the actions we’re putting into place are the result of extensive research into solutions that meet all of these requirements.

Today, we are on the threshold of what for us is a true milestone on this journey, a turning point that will allow us to bring about concrete change: we’ve developed new packaging that’s innovative and sustainable for the Master Baker Schär bread line, one of our most popular products globally. By reducing the film and eliminating the tray, we’ve managed to lower our overall use of plastic in Master Baker packaging by 38% and the overall plastic use for Schär packaging by 15%.

Master Baker is just the latest step forward taken by the company. In 2020, 35% of the packages for our products were already made of recyclable materials and, in 2021, with our Panini Rolls, we launched the first certified circular plastic packaging for gluten-free bread, made of 46% recycled materials.

All the progress we’ve made thus far has been in close collaboration with the Dr. Schär R&D Centre in Trieste, a department dedicated to the research and development of new solutions to meet the needs of consumers and the environment.


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