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Dr. Schär launches two new sales offices in Argentina and Turkey

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Are you a healthcare professional working in the area of gluten-related disorders and IBS?

Postal, 10.10.2019. Dr. Schär, European market leader for gluten free nutrition and dietetic foods, is further expanding its international partnerships with two new branches in Argentina and Turkey. The aim of the manufacturer is to establish the Schär subsidiary brand in the premium segment of these markets and at the same time to create new important sales markets for its products.

For over 40 years, Dr. Schär has been building up its business with a clear vision to give back some life quality to people with specific nutritional needs. A trustworthy partner for dietetic foods, the South Tyrolean family-owned company makes it possible for people with food intolerances worldwide to enjoy their products without worries. With two new sales offices, the food pioneer is now opening up further sales markets in Argentina and Turkey.

Due to growing awareness and diagnoses, Argentina is an important market for gluten free products. For this reason, in April 2019 Dr. Schär S.p.A. decided to acquire 70 percent of the previous importer Frigluten and to rename it Schar Argentina S.A.. The owner family Crescini, who will support Dr. Schär in implementing the joint project on site, will keep the remaining shares.

But that's not all: the family business from South Tyrol has also acquired shares of the Turkish brand "Glutensiz Ada" in Turkey. Due to the new partnership, the company was renamed Dr. Schar Turkey A.S. and started selling products of both the Schär and Glutensiz Ada brands. "We will soon expand the acquired production plant and we expect to manufacture a Schär bread and flour line on site at the beginning of 2020," says Werner Strobl.  

Our goal is to establish Schär as a premium brand and at the same time create an important sales market for our products manufactured in Curitiba. Our new employees will support us above all in the areas of sales and marketing and drive the market development forward.

Werner Strobl, Executive Director Sales & Marketing Europe & Export
Werner Strobl, Executive Director Sales & Marketing Europe & Export