Dr. Schär AG and Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH announce promotional partnership for ketogenic diet

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Dr. Schär and Desitin, a fully integrated pharmaceutical company focused on CNS (Central Nercvous System) disease and rare diseases, announced today that they have joined forces to promote the  Kanso product portfolio. With this agreement, both companies aim to advance the dietary treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy or other conditions for which the ketogenic diet is recommended.

Today ketogenic diet therapies are considered as a treatment for epilepsy after two appropriate AED’s have failed to be effective or produced unacceptable side effects. Ketogenic diets result in short to medium term benefits in seizure control, the effects of which are comparable to modern antiepileptic drugs.

 Under the terms of the agreement, Desitin, as a competent partner in the treatment of epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, will deploy its multi-specialty sales force to bring Kanso to neurologists. In support of this effort, Dr. Schär will leverage its marketing resources to enhance Desitin’s partnering efforts.

 Werner Strobl, Dr. Schär Chief Sales Officer Europe & Export, says: “Physicians are sometimes challenged by some patients that do not respond positively to anti-epileptic therapy, and who also must deal with potential interactions with other medications. Kanso offers a holistic ketogenic portfolio, enhanced by MCT fats, to provide patients a second option to help control their seizures. Our strategy is to make the ketogenic diet safer and easier and most of all to improve the quality of life for those depending on the diet, leading to a better future. We are excited to partner with Desitin, which has excellent coverage and more than 60 years expertise in the antiepileptic therapeutical area in Germany”.

Desitin Co-CEO Philipp Bloching, MD comments: “Desitin’s company history goes back over 100 years – our broad epilepsy portfolio comprises 16 antiepileptic substances and multiple smart galenical forms. We are constantly striving to provide new solutions to improve the therapy for epilepsy patients. We are very excited to partner with Dr. Schär – with the Kanso portfolio we can now offer further treatment options for epilepsy patients who have so far been unsufficiently treated. Thus, we help to raise their chances to be seizure free.”