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Are you looking for a new challenge? Dr. Schär employs more than 1,360 people in eleven countries. Interdisciplinary collaboration across divisions and locations opens up new career prospects.

We are a family business with a lot of creative freedom and a family-based corporate culture. With us, all avenues are open for you to contribute your skills and implement your ideas. Here's a general impression of what we can offer you.

Click here for our current vacancies. If there are no suitable positions at this time, please feel free to apply ad hoc or register for our specific jobs mailing list. You will receive regular emails about vacancies which may be of interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

As an HR Manager at Dr. Schär USA, my main job is to hire the right people in the right place, who are motivated and fairly paid, and know the opportunities they have to advance their careers. My biggest challenge is to find and retain top talent.

Leigh Petroski, HR Manager, Lyndhurst, USA
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We embody our corporate values and bring responsibility, progress and proximity into our work, day after day. We are Dr. Schär. And you?

Dr. Schär Mitarbeiter in einem Meeting