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The effort required to manufacture our products is high, each phase is complex and consists of only small batches. 

In the manufacturing process, not a single step remains uncontrolled. Our high industrial specialization is based on mostly self-developed and sometimes very complex production techniques. All production sites of the Dr. Schär Group are based on an identical standard. Procedures, quality requirements and a system of indicators are predefined. Our success lies in the special recipes.

The guarantee of food safety and the fulfillment of the corresponding legal requirements are ensured by the implementation of the HACCP concept. Our quality controls run through the entire manufacturing process and guarantee safety from the field through production up to the consumer. Only carefully selected and high-quality raw materials are used in the production process. The quality controls are guaranteed at all production sites by quality inspections.

The hygiene standard of our production sites is a decisive factor for product safety. All employees must be trained in the specified hygiene regulations and rules of conduct and are obligated to comply with them. We attach great importance to developing the right technologies and optimizing our processes. Every year  we invest large sums to keep them up to date.

The effort to produce our products well cannot be compared with the manufacturing of conventional foods. Each phase is more complex.

Günther Prossliner, Plant Manager Postal and Laives
Günther Prossliner Produktion