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Dr.Schär Nutrition Service

The core task is raising knowledge and awareness, especially relating to gluten intolerances and Gluten Free diets.

The international, interdisciplinary team deals with the differentiating aspects of nutritional quality and supports internal and external stakeholders (trading partners, consumers, patient organizations as well as nutritionists and physicians) with targeted information and training opportunities.



Not only healthy, delicious nutritional solutions, but also the wealth of information that promotes awareness of the condition and the need for special diets makes it possible for coeliac sufferers to enjoy a well-respected life in society. These are the two major added values that Dr. Schär offers its consumers.

Prof. Martin Storr, gastroenterologist, member of the scientific committee

Tasks at a glance: 

  • Medical Affairs - Building, developing and maintaining networks with opinions on nutrition and health. Organization of "expert meetings" and "round tables" with the involvement of the scientific committee to stimulate exchange and discussion on relevant issues in the field of gluten intolerances and gluten-free nutrition. Coordination of clinical studies and dissemination of scientific knowledge in other divisions.
  • Field Specialists - interface for sales and specifically trained contact persons in the markets. Support of physicians and nutritionists in their sphere of influence (doctor's surgeries, hospitals).
  • Nutrition Service - nutritional advice for consumers specializing in gluten-free nutrition and the needs of people with special nutritional requirements. Involvement in product development to ensure good nutritional profiles of the food and to meet the requirements of a balanced diet, combined with the desire to convey well-being and a positive lifestyle.
  • Specialist communication - knowledge building and sensitization in the area of celiac disease, NCGS gluten / wheat sensitivity and other gluten intolerances through selected channels such as field specialists, conferences and congresses, articles in trade media, brochures, flyers, study shorts or e-learning options.

The scientific backbone is the Dr. Schär Institute: The digital platform provides medical professionals and nutritionists with the latest studies, webinars, science talks, knowledge transfer and in-depth nutrition information in gluten-free, ketogenic and low-protein diets (congenital metabolic disorders and chronic kidney disease).