Schär BIO: A new chapter of a long, entrepreneurial story, started in 1922

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Schär BIO

After decades of experience, challenges and successes we finally have reached the kick-off of a brand new Schär BIO range made of delicious, organically cultivated, high-quality products; these products are exceptionally rich in taste and made of naturally gluten-free cereals, brought to your dining table, with passion and dedication.

Experts Area
Are you a healthcare professional working in the area of gluten-related disorders and IBS?

Schär BIO includes snacks, pasta and bakery products and for now counts nine products, although the range will soon be extended. It is the perfect choice for anyone who is keen on natural nutrition and cares for the planet.

 The benefits of choosing organic food are many, the benefits of choosing Schär BIO are even more, both for you and  our planet. They include:

  • A variety of naturally gluten free organic grains and flours 
  • A diversity of natural flavours and valuable fibres  
  • Delicious seeds, flakes and dried fruits 
  • Wheat and lactose-free products 
  • No artificial additives or preservatives  
  • No use of pesticides or GMOs 
  • Palm oil free products or with RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil 
  • Vegan or vegetarian-friendly ingredients    
  • FSC-certified cardboard packaging coming from sustainable forestry 

The Schär BIO product line has first been launched in Italy as well as in the DACH countries, Spain, France and Eastern Europe. An introduction in the other Schär markets will follow soon.

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