Moments that connect us: With Schär, everyone is part of Christmas

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  3. Moments that connect us: With Schär, everyone is part of Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. During the holidays, there are many great traditions that ensure time with family and friends. In particular, the shared experience of enjoying good food is more in focus than any other time of the year. These shared moments of enjoyment are precious as they connect us. At Dr. Schär, we are convinced that it is only truly Christmas when we are all part of these moments. We want to unite people of diverse dietary needs and tastes at the dinner table. That is why our gluten free brand Schär is calling for a new Christmas tradition: We invite everyone to bake gingerbread cookies with different shapes, ages, genders, styles and sizes in order to celebrate the most inclusive Christmas!

Schär Christmas Campaign

Baking and snacking all together during the Christmas season

For our brand Schär, it has always been a matter of concern to offer gluten-free foods of the highest quality, so that no one has to miss out. Everyone should feel like being a part of the special moments in life that we experience together during a meal. Therefore, we have come up with a new tradition this year during advent: we want to bake gingerbread cookies that are just as individual as we all are – whether gingerbread man, woman or children.

Those looking for ideas for their gingerbread creations will find inspiration in Schär’s Christmas online spot. Here, a gingerbread man comes to life and takes care that everyone can enjoy eating cookies together. To ensure that this also works in real life, Schär has developed a delicious gluten-free, wheat-free and vegetarian gingerbread recipe. So no one is left out.

Sharing brings happiness: Give others a treat with Schär

Anyone who needs a more precise model for his or her gingerbread self can try out Schär’s gingerbread filters e.g. on Instagram. With a wide variety of hairstyles and chocolate lentil eyes, you can transform yourself into a gingerbread by just a finger swipe. Perfect for a Christmas greeting to your loved ones. In Italy, the campaign even goes beyond social media and is extended to include a donation: for every use of the filter, Schär donates 10 meals to Banco Alimentare, the local food bank. So far 6,660 meals have been donated. In other countries, Dr. Schär also maintains partnerships with numerous food banks at the respective warehouse locations and supports food banks around the world with donations. After all, meals should bring us together everywhere, and especially at Christmas.