Dr. Schär Brasil welcomes Digital Influencers to its plant

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Dr. Schär Brazil organized a big event for over 40 digital influencers of the gluten free world. Together the influencers’ reach is over 300.000 people.The meeting happened at the city of Campo Largo, in the new company plant.

During the event, influencers from the whole country had the chance to visit the new production line of sliced breads and to understand a little bit more the reasons why they are so special and different from the competition. Besides that, they participated of an interactive moment with the brand, and won some exclusive branded gifts.

Check out some testimonials of participants:

“To ensure our food safety, daily tests are made at their own laboratory to guarantee the absence of gluten on the products. It’s beautiful to see their care with the hygiene of the environment; they have several protocols to ensure it’s a clean place!” - Marília Crecci, @glutenfreebr

“Visit to @schar_br plant! It is so good when everything you know about how serious a company is, it’s confirmed live and in colors. A product that has only safe ingredients, with no preservatives and no GMO. Maximum security for coeliacs, with gluten detection tests made in every batch. And now, the pride of having Schär local products arriving to the stores. Thanks to all @schar_br team that welcomed us and offered us this amazing morning!”– Raquel Benatti @rio_sem_gluten

“It was amazing to see the level of concern with safety that this company has with its products. – Did you know that every batch is tested to ensure less than 2ppm of gluten?  Beyond this test, there are many other procedures to ensure the quality and the absence of contamination – just remembering that all products are preservative free! ?  Currently they produce two breads here in Brazil and also a flour mix sold in packs of 500g. Wait out for the pics and reviews of the products, because we won some. Thank you so much @schar_br, I was already a fan, now I am a  ambassador of the brand! ” – Elisa Pequini @glutenfreetrips