Bringing everyone together: With Schär, we celebrate Christmas and enjoy pleasurable moments

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Coming home for Christmas. The holidays are the time when the whole family comes together to spending time with loved ones on the most beautiful days of the year. Because that's what Christmas is all about, giving each other time and enjoying delicious food together around the table. The moments we share with each other connect us and make this time so special.  At Dr. Schär, our mission is to bring everyone at the same table, regardless of nutritional needs. This is especially true at Christmas, to share moments of enjoyment.  Our gluten-free brand Schär has a mission at Christmas to celebrate this event: Bringing a new Christmas tradition to life. Inclusion is our priority, so let's bake together. Not only gingerbread men, but also gingerbread in different sizes, ages, genders, and styles. Let's celebrate the community because everyone is a part of it.

Let's bake all together

Our Schär brand stands for delicious products made from high-quality ingredients to ensure a balanced gluten-free diet.  Enjoyable moments should brighten up our lives and bring happiness into our everyday life. For this reason, we would like to make this enjoyment possible for people with special dietary needs, because no one should be excluded from it. To experience this joy during the Advent season, we have created a new tradition: #GingerbreadMany. We want to bake gingerbread cookies that are as individual as each of us - whether gingerbread man, woman, or child.  This Christmas, ditch the traditional cookie cutter and celebrate each unique family member in a more realistic way.

If you are still looking for a great recipe for a delicious gingerbread creation, Schär has created an enjoyable gluten-free, wheat-free and vegetarian gingerbread recipe. Bake together, have fun and enjoy the treats.

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Merry Christmas