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We are delighted to announce that our subsidiary, Dr. Schär Germany, was honoured with the "Best Medium-Sized Company" award on September 15th by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation.

We prevailed in our region (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Hessen and Thuringia) against approximately 2,500 different companies. Three finalists were honoured from each region, and thus 12 companies in total. The tension was enormous, because the winners were only announced during the Gala.

To be nominated twice in a row is already an enormous recognition. Last year's participation was our first, and we reached the finals. This year, we are the winners of this prestigious award.

Members of senior management, including Richard Stampfl, Manfred Eiden, Nick Brehmer and Matthias Müller-Thederan were present at the Gala, with Richard and Manfred accepting the prize on behalf of everyone at Dr. Schär Deutschland GmbH. "This award belongs to all the employees at Dr. Schär Deutschland GmbH. It is with great honour and appreciation to receive this award. It is, of course, our responsibility as a company to ensure the same high standards this award confirms, in the future."

"This award recognizes every single employee in our company. With their daily performance, they take on significant responsibility for the progress and success of Dr. Schär Germany", says Head of Sales Matthias Müller Thederan.

This prestigious prize, also known as the "Oscar" for medium-sized companies, was first awarded in 1995. It has since developed into a highly prized recognition in Germany, evaluating companies as a whole and the role they provide within society.

Overview of the criteria:

  1. overall development of the company
  2. the creation/securing of jobs
  3. modernisation and innovation
  4. engagement in the region
  5. service and consumer proximity, marketing


Excellence in all five criteria is required. The candidates can only be put forward by other companies or institutions.