Schär Healthcare Professional COVID-19 Update

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In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, Dr Schär has taken the necessary decision to prioritise all stock for supply to the retailers to help ensure we are meeting the needs of our consumers at this difficult time. This means we will be unable to provide samples to healthcare professionals for the foreseeable future.

We are all working hard to guarantee the supply of our products for gluten-free consumers in the UK, Republic of Ireland as well as across many other countries.

It may also become increasingly difficult to fulfil requests for printed resources that we produce for use with patients. It is still possible to download these resources online from the Dr Schär Institute via the ‘Experts Area’ of the website. We will endeavour to fulfil requests for printed resources for as long as we are able.


Whilst the fulfilment of sample and literature requests may be affected during this time, the Dr Schär Nutrition Service Team is still available to help support you wherever possible and answer any questions you may have via email.

We appreciate your understanding at this time and wish you and your families well.