New Low FODMAP recipe videos created by dietitian-chef duo

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A low FODMAP diet is a complex undertaking, patients often require significant dietetic support to help modify their habitual diet without compromising nutritional intake. For many patients, this transition may require the incorporation of previously unfamiliar foods in to the diet in order to maintain adequate nutrient intake.

A variety of online and printed recipes are now available to help support patients with this transition, however it’s important that patients seek out credible and trustworthy sources of information. With this in mind, we’re delighted to be able to share news of a recently created selection of informative recipe videos. YouTube channel, ‘My Healthy Appetite’ has been developed by it’s presenters - specialist gastroenterology dietitian Dr Bridgette Wilson, and professional London-based chef Leon Rothera. In each episode, Bridgette discusses some of the common nutritional pit-falls of following a low-FODMAP diet and how this can be addressed with a variety of tasty ingredients and simple cooking methods devised and demonstrated by Leon. We love this selection of videos that provide a mixture of evidence-based commentary for patients following a low FODMAP diet, mixed with practical cooking tips and exciting recipes that will help to make some of the less common low FODMAP foods more accessible to patients.