Benefits of a gluten-free diet

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For the management of coeliac disease, a strict gluten-free diet is associated with resolution of symptoms and a return to health. However, a strict gluten-free diet requires diligence and avoidance of even traces of gluten.

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Upon initiation of  a strict gluten-free diet after diagnosis, the first positive effects are visible after a few weeks. The symptoms resolve, general health improves and weight loss may be recovered [1]. Serological tests normalize, the small intestine mucous membrane regenerates and deficiency symptoms can be improved. Most individuals who maintain a strict gluten-free diet can live symptom-free [1,2]. A strict gluten-free diet reduces the risk of long-term health problems, as well as the occurrence of adverse effects and complications of celiac disease.

Benefits of a gluten-free diet

  • Antibody values normalize

  • Small intestine mucosa regenerates

  • Risk of consequential damage decreases

  • Nutrients are absorbed and utilised by the body again

  • Weight loss is normalized

  • Health and physical condition improves

  • Overall health is improved

  • Quality of life improves

  • Normalization of growth and developmental patterns in children and adolescents

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