ICDS 2019- Conference Highlights

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This international conference on celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders brought together leading experts to present the latest research in this field. 

As a supporter of the event, Dr. Schär organized a session titled Patient Management in Gluten-Related Disorders: From Best Diagnosis to the Best Diet, which was led by some of the world's leading specialists.

The 60-minute scientific session illustrated the entire patient journey, considering best practices in diagnosis and optimizing the transition to a gluten free diet. Topics included nutritional quality, social impact, and the complex process of starting a strict new diet. The speakers also emphasized that healthcare providers must be mindful of the fact that this can trigger anxiety and other psychological problems, which may affect adherence.

The dramatic improvement in the quality of gluten free products, from both a taste and nutritional quality perspective, was also discussed. Many gluten-free products are now comparable to their gluten-containing counterparts, and in many cases, they are even nutritionally superior thanks to ongoing research on finding new ingredients.

You can download the presentations here! 

Differential diagnose in GRD: keys of a good patient management ​​​​​​​

David Sanders, Sheffield, United Kingdom 

A differential diagnosis plays a particularly important role in the context of gluten-related disorders.

Click here to download the presentation. 

Quality of the Gluten-Free Diet for Quality of Life

Nick Trott, Sheffield, United Kingdom 

What does quality mean in the context of a gluten-free diet? What factors influence the quality of the gluten-free diet and how can we best support patients in implementing a gluten-free diet?

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Follow up of the Patient: Finding the Balance

Benjamin Lebwohl, New-York, United States

How does the gluten-free diet affect the quality of life? Various tests measure adherence to a strict gluten-free diet, with large differences in patients. It should be noted that strict adherence is associated with improved villus atrophy. However, A gluten-free diet may have a negative impact on eating habits and quality of life.

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Nutritional Profiles Compared: Processed GF Foods & Their Gluten Containing Equivalents

Paula Crespo, Valladolid, Spain

General perception is that many gluten-free processed foods contain higher amounts of fat, salt, and sugar - but is this actually true? Dr. Ing and his research team compared the nutritional profiles of gluten-free foods to comparable gluten-containing products. 

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Re-Cereal : An Innovative Project to Improve Food Quality

Veronica Marin, Trieste, Italy

The international Dr. Schär research project, "Re-Cereal", was founded in 2016. The goal is to cultivate and utilize additional whole grains in the Dr. Schär profile: millet, oats, and buckwheat. 

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Gluten-free muffins, cookies, waffles, and snacks were available for tasting at the Dr. Schär booth. The Schär gluten-free Pizza Base, prepared with a variety of toppings by our chef, was a big hit!