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At Dr. Schär we believe that food should being people closer together, not set them apart. Dr. Schär USA is part of the Dr. Schar global group of companies that produce great tasting, safe, and nutritious foods that are designed to allow people with special dietary requirements to enjoy life, inspiring feelings of inclusion and connection with their communities.

Experts Area
Are you a healthcare professional working in the area of gluten-related disorders and IBS?

We see dietitians as being experts in translating and communicating health and nutrition messages to the public. They use their knowledge of nutritional science to not only treat medical conditions, but also to prevent it through education, support, and counseling. Dietetic interventions can facilitate better health, not only via the delivery of information, but also by alleviating stigma, providing reassurance and connecting people with similar conditions, dietary needs or social circumstances.


The Project:

In line with our beliefs of inclusivity and the power of food to connect others, we are offering a one-time  award of $10,000 to a registered dietitian (or group of registered dietitians) who have developed a project proposal designed to bring their local community together through food and nutrition education. The grant award should be used by the 2021 grant awardee(s) to turn their proposal into a reality, benefiting people who may be disadvantaged or at risk of disadvantage because of a particular medical condition, special dietary need, or social circumstance. In addition to the $10,000 funding award, Dr. Schär will support the awardee(s) with mentorship and resources, with an estimated Approximate Retail value of $2,000, as well as a tax gross-up payment of $1,800 to assist with taxes owed in connection with the grant award. This includes access to Dr. Schär’s USA's distribution network for fieldwork, introductions to experts in the special nutrition field, connections to special needs communities, and support during any applicable research, including recruitment, analysis, marketing, and operations.

Applicants & Project Submissions:

Applicants for the 2021 Dr. Schär Institute Award must be registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs), registered with the Committee on Dietetic Registration. Proposed projects must seek to improve health outcomes via the provision of evidence-based, nutrition-related knowledge and understanding. Inclusivity and peer-support is key – preference will be given to projects that encourage improved quality of life through the opportunity to share experiences and connect with others, as well as to projects focused on celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or irritable bowel syndrome.

Without preference or any pre-disposition, examples of possible project ideas include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cook and eat sessions for adults/ children/ families living within deprived communities
  • Nutrition education sessions for people living with disabilities or with specific nutritional needs
  • Support group sessions focused on prevention and/or rehabilitation via improved nutrition after injury or hospitalization
  • Education programs for caregivers or other healthcare professionals to widen the depth and scope of local nutrition education.

Submission Criteria:

Your submitted community-based nutrition research project must:

  • Aim to make a positive impact in its target community.
  • Be grounded in current nutritional guidelines and science,
  • Have a digestive-health related focus. The design does not necessarily need to focus on Dr. Schär branded and distributed products, but can if desired.  
  • Not involve the use of, or otherwise include, non-Dr. Schär branded gluten free products (i.e. competitive gluten free products).  Note that the submitted Project design does not necessarily need to focus on Dr. Schar branded and distributed products, but it can if desired.
  • Contemplate a Project scope that fits within a total budget of $10,000 unless further funding is being obtained (and if so, such additional funding source needs to be outlined in the Application).
  • Ensure Project completion by December 31, 2021. *Note: This can be adjusted if in writing and agreed to with Dr. Schär team.

Applicants must

  • Be a citizen of, and reside within, the United States
  • be a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (or a group of RDNs), registered with the Committee on Dietetic Registration.
  • Not be employed by another food company. 

Application Requirements:

Your submission must consist of a written Project summary which addresses each of the following questions, in under 1,000 words:

  • Objectives - What are the objectives of your project?
  • Design and implementation - What is your project design and timeline?
  • Evaluation and outcome measures - How will the effectiveness or results of your project be evaluated?
  • Community impact - What community groups will participate? How will your project benefit this community and location?
  • Communications - How will the results of your project be communicated to the public?
  • Dr. Schär Partnership - How will you take advantage of the resources offered by Dr. Schär as part of the grant award?

Please also include a description of your proposed budget, describing how the funds will be used, including an indication (by line item) of how the $10,000 grant award would be allocated.  CVs or resumes of the Applicant and each of each of the team members, as applicable, should also be provided.  For clarity, the budget and the CVs/resumes are not party of the 1,000 word limitation.  

Grant Award:

The selected grant award winner of the Dr. Schar 2021 Community Nutrition Grant will receive a $10,000 grant from Dr. Schär, $6,000 of which will be awarded upon grant award winner verification, and the remaining $4,000 of which will be awarded upon mutually agreed Project milestone completion. In addition, the grant award winner will receive further support from Dr. Schär in the estimated amount of $2,000, which will include access to Dr. Schär’s U.S. distribution network for fieldwork, introductions to experts in the special nutrition field, connections to special needs communities, and various mentoring support by Dr. Schär during any applicable research, including recruitment, analysis, marketing, and operations. The grant award recipient must adhere to the schedule outlined in their original Project submission and will be required to submit quarterly budget and project updates.  A tax gross-up payment of $1,800 will also be provided to the grant award winner.


  • March 10th – May 10th, 2021: Project submissions may be submitted for consideration.  Submissions to be made via the Application Form.
  • May 10th – May 30th: , 2021:  Applications reviewed by Dr. Schär’s designated judges
  • May 31st, 2021: Winner informed via email and the verification process commences.
  • June 1st – 15th, 2021: Winner verification process is completed, and the winner’s submitted Project work commences
  • December 31st, 2021:  Project is fully completed, and all results are provided to Dr. Schar and otherwise published or communicated to the community per the winner’s communication plan. *Note that timeline can be extended as long as it is in writing and approved by Dr. Schär team.*

As indicated, as a condition of the grant award, the Project must be completed by the Applicant by December 31st, 2021. Should circumstances arise that delay completion of the project, award recipients must submit timeline changes in writing to Dr. Schär promptly, for Dr. Schär’s approval.  Any timeline changes must be agreed to by Dr. Schär or any remaining milestone grant award payments may be impacted.

Selection Criteria:

Projects will be selected based on the following four criteria areas, each equally weighted:

  1. 25% - Addressing of all stated grant award requirements and relevance of the Project to the grant award objective (i.e. improving quality of life for people with special nutritional needs)
  2. 25% - Potential to enhance understanding of celiac, irritable bowel syndrome, and GI-related issues and to otherwise improve community nutrition and dietary health
  3. 25% - Strength and feasibility of project objectives, implementation, and outcome measures, based on budget
  4. 25% - Applicant background and provided evidence of ability to successfully complete the proposed Project

As referenced above, preference will be given to

  • projects that encourage improved quality of life through the opportunity to share experiences and connect with others, and
  • projects focused on celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or irritable bowel syndrome.

Legal Information & Official Rules:

NOTE THAT ALL APPLICANTS AND SUBMISSIONS ARE AT ALL TIMES SUBJECT TO THE OFFICIAL RULES OF THIS PROGRAM, and a Submission Constitutes your agreement to the Official Rules and to the determinations of Dr. Schar USA, Inc., which at all times will be conclusive and final.  The full, Official Rules of this Program are posted at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dr. Schär Institute Award? 2021 Community Nutrition Grant Award?

  • The Dr. Schär Institute Award 2021 Community Nutrition Grant Award is the first of an anticipated annual grant award designed to supports nutrition professionals looking to research and improve health in their communities.
  • Dr. Schär will provide one grant of $10,000 with mentorship and resources with an estimated value of $2,000 to support one grant awardee’s proposed Community Nutrition project. Dr. Schär will also provide a $1,800 tax gross-up payment to the grant awardee to assist with taxes owed in connection with the grant award.

Who can apply?

  • RDNs from all backgrounds can apply. Employees and regular consultants of food companies are not eligible for this grant award. 

How do I apply?

  • Submit an application outlining your proposed Project and addressing all of the specified Submission requirements via the Application Form. All applications must be received before May 10th, 2021 11:59 P.M. EST.

What kind of programs qualify?

  • The grant must be used towards a new, local community project that can be completed by December 31, 2021. As long as your project is community nutrition-oriented, any kind of design will qualify, but you will want to make sure you meet the referenced Submission and Project requirements.

Can an RDN team apply?

  • Yes, teams of RDNs are encouraged to apply.

What opportunities exist at the end of the project?

  • Dr. Schär will support the grant award recipient(s) throughout the project duration and hopes to create a lasting alliance relationship with the award recipients. At the culmination of the project, Dr. Schär will work one-on-one with the recipient to help disseminate results, determine next steps, and ensure lasting ties with the community served by the project.

Who selects the winner and how?

  • The Dr. Schär designated judges will choose one grant award winner based on the selection criteria outlined above (see “Selection Criteria”). The 2021 Community Nutrition Grant Award judges will include members of our international team of dietitians and Dr. Schär USA senior level management.
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