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Our experts at the Dr. Schär Institute frequently publish news on the latest in IBS care and develop tools and resources for you to use with your patients. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic, relapsing functional bowel disorder that affects patients in diverse and complex ways. Once diagnosed, personalized care from a Registered Dietitian is vital in symptom management and control.

The Basics of the Low-FODMAP Diet

For comprehensive guides to IBS and its dietary management, check out our booklets on Healthy Eating & Lifestyle for IBS and The Low-FODMAP Diet for IBS. You’ll find their introduction to IBS and general diet and lifestyle advice particularly helpful when working with recently diagnosed patients. Our IBS Grocery Shopping & Cooking Guide is also a practical guide to help patients understand what foods to avoid or enjoy when building a delicious, low-FODMAP diet.


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FODMAP Reintroduction Tracker

A low-FODMAP diet (fructose, lactose, polyols, fructans and galacto-oligosaccharides) has been shown to help reduce gas, flatulence and bloating in IBS patients. After the 8-week elimination period, these foods are added one at a time and patients monitor their tolerance of each. Head to the resources section of the Dr Schar Institute to download our FODMAP Reintroduction Tracker to use as you guide patients through food challenges during Phase 2 of the low-FODMAP diet.


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Constipation Management

Once written off as benign, constipation affects a large portion of patients with IBS. We've developed a helpful guide to use with patients to manage constipation and help improve quality of life, particularly with patients with IBS-C. Download this free booklet in the resources section of the Dr Schär Institute.


Webinars for Dietitian CEUs

Deepen your knowledge and improve your ability to provide the best care for patients with IBS by watching our free on-demand webinars. From topics such as The Low-FODMAP Diet and Disordered Eating to The FODMAP Diet Therapy: History, Implementation, & Other Applications, our webinars are an easy, practical way to continue your education, on your own time.