A family business based on conviction

  1. Dr. Schär
  2. A family business based on conviction

We are a family business that values ​​its roots and at the same time thinks in a cosmopolitan and future-oriented way. The vision of combining specific requirements placed on nutrition with joie de vivre and indulgence, shapes the entire Dr. Schär family.

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The commitment to its South Tyrol origins gives the company authenticity.

Ulrich Ladurner, Founder and President of Dr. Schär


What makes the company

  • Home and origins
    The origin of our company lies in South Tyrol. The commitment to the native area is an important factor in giving the company authenticity. South Tyrol has the advantage of being at the crossroads of two cultures. This is an important foundation for the company. Only with a strong foundation can we establish the premise needed for having a global outlook. 

  • Family
    Family is a guiding principle in the company. The fair and future-oriented treatment of our employees, our partners and above all our consumers is part of the reputation of the family business.The family that owns the company attaches great importance to this.

  • Cosmopolitan 
    We look for sincerity and deal with the needs of other cultures.