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The brand of amino acid mixtures for the treatment of inborn errors of protein metabolism, Comidamed, owned by Dr. Schär, will have a new look this autumn.

In 2013, Comidamed, a German producer of powder mixtures for the treatment of inborn errors of protein metabolism, is taken over by the Italian company Dr. Schär.

This acquisition represented for Dr. Schär the opportunity to enter the “food for special medical purposes” market, with particular focus on PKU and other pathologies of protein metabolism.

A total of about 40 products divided into 9 pathologies, developed to cover the entire life span of the patient, makes up the large Comidamed portfolio, currently available in around 25 different countries.


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The range, consisting of powders in tins or single-size portions, with neutral or flavoured taste, aims to constitute a secure and reliable base, on which medical professionals and patients can count on for the dietary management of their pathology: Trusted solutions for the dietary management of inborn errors of protein metabolism, as the payoff states.

Today the Comidamed brand benefits from a graphic restyling, motivated by the need to refresh and express more clearly the nature of the brand: “Comidamed means quality products, available at a reasonable cost. An essential portfolio offered to patients in all age groups, with a de facto prevalence of young and very young consumers, due to the recent diffusion of neonatal screening in some areas of the world", says Markus Kaptein, head of the Business Unit Metabolic Nutrition at Dr. Schär.

The renewed graphics of the products made their first appearance at the SLEIMPN congress in Buenos Aires, held in May of this year. However, the official launch, which  includes the presentation of the labels and communication materials, takes place these days, at the SSIEM congress in Rotterdam.

The products will be available on the market in the new layout as from autumn 2019, with debut in the DACH area.