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We strive for comprehensive nutritional solutions that make everyday life easier for our consumers. 

We see ourselves as comprehensive problem solvers when it comes to special dietary requirements. With that, we make everyday life easier for our consumers. We derive the formula for the functionality of our products partly from medicine, partly directly from the environment of our target groups. 

The focus of innovation management is on our consumers. We watch carefully and listen attentively to identify the biggest challenges people with special nutritional needs are confronted with. 

This is a goal we always have in our sights and we also involve our employees all over the world as we move towards it. Through cooperation in cross-divisional, international working groups, we can make targeted use of the wealth of experience and creative approaches of every interested employee.

What products and services can we offer that help both emotionally and functionally?

Ursula Pichler, Head of Corporate Innovation Management
Ursula Pichler