Welcome to Dr. Schar, the leading producer of gluten free food.
Achieve good health with a balanced dietA close expert networkProgress through research and developmentQuality and safety are top priority
Achieve good health with a balanced diet
Product range Through a comprehensive range of products, we offer a daily diet that is tasty and varied.
MEDICAL NUTRITION Taste and safety in the medical nutrition
Our brands
The European market leader with the widest range of basic and dried gluten-free food products.Gluten-free dried products for the German food retail industry.A wide range of gluten and wheat free ambient products available in UK pharmacies.Bread, biscuits and pasta for all Spanish consumers who follow a gluten and wheat-free diet.An innovative frozen product range for young and discerning consumers. Delicious and quick to prepare.A product range based on medium-chain fatty acids Mevalia


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"Dr. Schar is a strong company with the ambition of a constant growth. This gives me security and support also in my private life."